main focus areas

Our 3 major focus areas, education & community facilities, affordable & care housing facilities, and market mixed-use developments, have been the core focus of our practice and we have developed numerous significant facilities throughout BC.

education & community facilities

Using 21st century learning principles, our educational facility designs consider the current and future needs of students and staff. We work with clients and residents to create community facilities that speak to their surroundings and the unique needs of user groups.

affordable & care housing

Our empathetic design approach allows us to create spaces that feel more like homes than institutions, all while reflecting the cultural values acquired through community input. We collaborate with non-profit organizations and First Nations groups to design subsidized, supportive and transitional housing projects.

market multi-family residential

Our market multi-family residential designs are inspired by communities and supported by strong collaboration with our clients. We carefully consider the local context while helping developers innovate and build sustainably in a rapidly shifting market.

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