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station one creates cutting-edge design solutions in an awardwinning architectural consulting practice

Untap your talents – are you building your full potential? Design with purpose and impact. Driving sustainable solutions that push the boundaries of science and art, technology, and design, consider transforming lives in the education and community, affordable & care housing and multi-family / mixed-use housing sectors that Station One Architects specializes in. SOA is known for creating dynamic spaces that exceed client expectations and transform lives throughout the province.

You’re not alone. With our supportive team structure and mentorship at each career path step, pursue your passion where new ideas are welcome, and innovation is a key strength. With over 30 years of expertise to draw on in the Architecture and Interior Design fields, SOA provides the backbone to become a master of the art.

From the basics to advanced growth opportunities, SOA provides regular in-house learning (lunch included!) and pays for additional courses, conferences, and professional registrations to keep us on the forefront. Our creative atmosphere encourages fresh ideas, and team members have a voice.

Where do you like to play?

  • Live where you’d vacation. Families can afford a house. Wear shorts in winter. Explore the mountains, lakes and rivers in our backyard. Read on the beach, paddle on the lake year-round, climb up or ski down a mountain, or cheer on the Canucks after work in Canada’s warmest winter climate.
  • Life-work balance with a shorter 37.5 hour week, comp time, and Friday afternoons off in summer to allow greater opportunity for personal pursuits.
  • Ditch the daily stressful commute of Vancouver yet live within an hour’s drive.
  • Celebrate success. Regular team/family events and annual retreats are jam-packed with new adventures.
  • All are welcome, regardless of background. Equity, diversity, and inclusion is valued.
  • Healthy hearts and minds are built. Treat yourself to a massage with full extended health and dental benefits (no premiums). SOA book clubs, lunch games, design Fridays, fundraisers, walks, runs, hikes, softball and paintball are just a few examples of team fun.

How to apply for a position

Apply by emailing your cover letter, resume and maximum 10 page PDF portfolio to soa@soarchitects.com and be sure to follow us on social media. We thank all applicants for their interest, however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

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