the waterstone mixed-use affordable housing

evoking a sense of connection to the building's natural surroundings

mixed-use development providing affordable housing

The Waterstone is a six-storey mixed-use affordable housing development that features 80 residential units, large indoor and outdoor amenity spaces, and a commercial/daycare space. The vision for this project was to increase the stock of quality, affordable housing in Chilliwack for low-income families and singles.

Residents and visitors are greeted by immediate views of a large plaza and landscaped area. The landscape features rolling hills for the children to play on, people to sit on and spectate activities in the plaza, and as a barrier to the parking lot. Offices and the amenity space overlook the play area for additional supervision.

Through a muted palette of earth tones, the aesthetics of this building evoke a calming sense of connection to the natural surroundings. Large windows and balconies provide views outside and opportunities for fresh-air and natural sunlight inside the living spaces. Large heavy timber elements support the sloping roofs of the building, reminiscent of tree canopies in the forest.


MQHS—Randy Reber
604 768 3325


Chilliwack, BC view map


$16 million


Complete 2019

Justin Dyck

Project Architect

Farrell Brett

Contract Administration

Leon Schroeder

Senior Associate

Heather Honeycutt


Chris Kiiveri

Field Review

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