building a sense of community

affordable & care housing

We create affordable, care, supportive and transitional housing designs that foster a sense of community and incorporate elements of home. Our goal is for residents to feel pride, comfort and security in their homes. We often include features such as large and small amenity areas and outdoor spaces to suit the diverse needs and preferences of residents. We also consider functionality by designing spaces that can meet multiple demands, for example, as activity and learning environments.

communication and collaboration

We work closely with municipalities, Indigenous communities, non-profit organizations, health service providers and area residents. We get to know the unique aspects of the project and the neighbourhood through consultations including workshops, site tours and sessions with the operator’s team. We attend public open houses to identify and address any concerns.

When we start a new project, we carefully consider the local context. By designing building exteriors that integrate seamlessly into the surrounding community, residents benefit from a greater sense of belonging.


Our team utilizes leading design tool technology and visualization tools such as virtual reality tours, video fly-throughs and realistic 3D renderings to give our clients confidence in making decisions before construction begins.


We work with our clients to achieve cost effective sustainable goals. We create designs that meet step code requirements beyond the BC building code.

inclusion, safety and wellbeing

It is very important to us that we consider the diverse needs of all residents in our designs. Through the consultation process, we discuss a variety of approaches, from creating different types of communal areas suited for larger gatherings or quiet reflection, to incorporating inclusive washrooms.

We utilize Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles that can help to reduce crime and increase residents’ sense of security. We have a CPTED practitioner on our team and incorporate this methodology into all our affordable and care housing designs.

adaptive and accessible

Based on discussions with the client, our designs take into account the needs of all residents, including those with reduced mobility.

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