albion community centre

a connection to nature

fostering connections to nature to achieve a net-zero building

The Albion Community Centre is set to become the social heart of a budding community in Maple Ridge. The 20,000 SF, one-storey building takes advantage of a unique site adjacent to an elementary building being designed and built concurrently with community centre. This allows for the ability for indoor and outdoor program space to be shared with minimal redundancies for the community and user groups. The building takes inspiration from the traditional community hall typology, similar to one recently torn down in the area, but modernizes the form to enhance and optimize green initiatives. The building is aiming for a net-zero energy target using passive and active energy saving strategies implemented from the onset of schematic design. As this public building is to be a showpiece of the community’s commitment to sustainable practices measures will be taken for the architecture to show off the implemented technologies and strategies, essentially creating an actively-working educational resource for all users.

With these energy strategies Station One strives for the building to look like part of the amazing natural setting it resides in. Landscaping forms part of the program through an amphitheatre and community garden. Natural exterior materials and a green roof will make the building look as though the building is rising out of the earth itself.

The program itself focuses around flexible multi-use spaces that can be used for everything from an art-room to yoga studios. This includes one large great hall that can hold large events and community arts productions.


City of Maple Ridge


Maple Ridge view map


1,900 m2


$18 million


Under Construction

Justin Dyck

Project Architect

Tyler Jones

Intern Architect

Alenda Griffioen

Landscape Designer

Farrell Brett

Contract Administration

Chris Kiiveri

Field Review

Drew Davidson


Mustafa Ahmed

Landscape Designer

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