mission seniors housing & community centre

partnership to support seniors in mission

intertwining affordable housing and a seniors community centre

Created as a partnership between the District of Mission, the Mission Association for Seniors Housing (MASH), and the Province (BC Housing), this project started through a large feasibility process to assess locations and project typology. The site was selected to be nestled along the hilltop on once District of Mission property and the project proceeded with combining a District operated seniors community centre and BC Housing supported, MASH operated housing. Throughout SOA’s practice, having adjacent amenities as this project does, will strengthen the community and enrich the lives of its senior members.
The senior’s community center located on the first level incorporates design features such as a comfortable dining space, a supported floor for dancing, a billiards room for up to three pool tables, and a space that can be used either as a multi-purpose room or transformed into a space for carpet bowling or indoor curling. In one of the corners there is a multi-purpose space that has views looking onto the greenery of the riparian area. With the building slightly embedded in the earth, the large front windows of the first level direct natural light through to the far side along with the clerestory windows at the north side. The first level also hosts a couple of staff offices. For greater accessibility, there are two key entry points for seniors, one along Grand Street and at the front entrance.
The second through sixth level is affordable housing for 74 senior residents. All suites are adaptable (able to become accessible), apart from the four already accessible suites. The second level offers an amenity room that opens onto a roof top deck over-looking the scenery of the riparian; this space is private, yet open, and connects residents to the site area.
This project aims to benefit the lives of the many seniors living in the community by creating a hub of connectivity for its users in the designed spaces.


District of Mission, Mission Association for Seniors Housing


7682 Grand St, Mission view map


61,393 ft2
74 units


$20 million


Complete May 2021

Justin Dyck

Project Architect

Jaimie Stroomer

Senior Technologist

Heather Honeycutt


Chris Kiiveri

Field Review

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