abbotsford police department feasibility study

providing the city with options for expansion

in-depth consultation with multiple cities and city officials

In 2019, SOA had the pleasure of working directly with Abbotsford facility managers and key personnel from the Abbotsford Police Department (APD). These tasks included full civic precinct parking capacity analysis (prior to new courthouse design), review of the existing APD facility and the preparation of successful APD expansion feasibility study. 

During the feasibility process, SOA was involved from start to finish. Upon entering the existing APD building, SOA clearly understood the challenges the APD was facing with building oversight/planning and inefficient workflows between the separate Annex (The Reach), CPO building and APD key headquarters office locations.

With the existing data in place and documented, SOA provided a plan on how to approach the feasibility study. Through key presentations and collaboration meetings directly with key insightful APD key members, 2 options were provided for the feasibility study: new addition vs new building. Both options provided their pros vs cons. One thing that was clear and consistent between both options was how each department operated along with proximity between fundamental corresponding departments. Following these decisive meetings, SOA and primary members of the APD toured the recently completed Kelowna RCMP headquarters. This milestone provided critical insight to the team on how layout and design the new APD headquarters.

With some final revisions to the concept plan, the feasibility study was ready for pricing and council direction approval. Both budgets came in as expected and was presented to council. By an anonymous vote, the project was approved to move forward to the next phase, a detailed Class C budget.


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Study Complete 2019

Alvin Bartel

Project Architect

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Drew Davidson


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