bethesda offices

a new office for an essential community support

serving those with diverse abilities

This project is home to the main offices of Bethesda Christian Association. Bethesda Christian Association was founded in 1971 to support diverse abilities that fit to a person’s intellectual, social, medical, emotional, spiritual, legal, and recreational needs. The ground level is home to Adult Day Program for the community Bethesda serves. Bright, private offices along with collaboration space occupy the second level. A simple, easily identifiable design is critical to this office which is reinforced with this two-floor scheme. Aesthetically, this project is interwoven into Abbotsford’s modern design with the bold exterior sunshades and crisp brick and metal cladding.


Bethesda Christian Association


Abbotsford view map


1,020 m2


$2.8 million


Under Construction

Leon Schroeder

Senior Associate

Charline Giesler

Project Administration

Aaron Millar


Josh Mercado

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