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Part of our philosophy when designing schools is to ensure the collaborative learning aspect of teaching and learning has been fully ingrained in the design of the spaces. At Studio One we strive to design spaces which allow students to foster relationships not only within their own classrooms, but also through neighbouring teaching areas allowing students to have a sense of community and be able to communicate with their peers on a higher level.

Each school is different and so requires its own design strategies. By engaging with the public very early in the design process we establish a great relationship with the students, parents, and staff who will be immediately attending the school. We also engage each school district personnel and staff to form a multi-disciplinary team geared towards creating the schools of the future. This collaborative approach translates to the open design spaces we strive to achieve, helping students succeed in today’s world.

creating warmth using natural resources

Creating spaces in the pacific northwest allows us to have immediate access to the natural element of wood. We strive to incorporate many wood components on both the interior and exterior throughout our school designs. An important aspect of our design goal is to assist students on how a building is constructed by exposing large timber elements and connections, and how they integrate with other materials throughout the structure. Likewise, we feel wood has the ability to create a warmth throughout the building and thus establishes a comfortable learning environment for both teachers and students.

creating outdoor spaces brings a sense of connection to nature and a great learning opportunity for students

When designing a complex institutional building we not only think of the interior space and how students will collaborate, but we also imagine how the interior transitions to the exterior. Many of our schools are designed to incorporate outdoor collaborative learning principals where the classroom is essentially brought outdoors. By creating these outdoor spaces there is a sense of connection to nature and a great learning opportunity for the students. At Station One we feel its important students and teachers engage and use the outdoors as a learning tool to further their education and sense of connectivity to nature.

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Here is some of our work. It is great work. Our vision for every project is to make the coolest, most interesting and unique building you could think of; but then sometimes clients get in the way, and it doesn’t turn out so great. But that’s ok too, because the clients are happy. And that makes us happy.

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