harrison hot springs waterfront landscape development

appreciating the waterfront

a scenic view with lots of seating too!

SOA worked with the Village of Harrison Hot Springs to develop a multi phase capital master plan for redevelopment of the waterfront. The first phases of the Masterplan development were Harrison Lake Plaza and Hot Springs Road. This new public plaza and completely renovated Hot Springs Road was opened in 2009.

The plaza features beautiful heavy timber shade structure with seating below. At the centre of the stonework an artful motif of the lake embedded with coloured rock.

Providing a terminus to the sole road into town with a stunning backdrop of the lake itself, the Harrison Lake Plaza is located at the end of Hot Springs Road.


Village of Harrison Hot Springs


Harrison Hot Springs view map


1.5 acre (plaza)


$1.2 million


Complete 2009

Alvin Bartel

Project Architect

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